Overheating computer components

One of the most common reasons why a computer constantly reboots is overheating of the processor or video card of the computer. Always keep an eye on the working status of the fan-cooler located on the PC video adapter. View the values ​​of temperature sensors, you can use the program that I told in the article – what temperature should be at your computer.

 During the summer heat it is better to refrain from energy-intensive games on your computer. Initially, the appearance of a blue screen of death or artifacts on the screen is due to the inability to eliminate the error in the core of the operating system. If any executable program or computer driver wants to execute an impossible command. Try to eliminate the blue screen by simply rebooting the computer. But if you do nothing, the error will come back again. The sound of the computer on when one of the cooling coolers is buzzing is like a working tractor.

The cooling system of the computer with fan-coolers wears out, the gasket in the bearing is thinned, dust and dirt enter there, which leads to inevitable vibration and buzz. In this case, find out which fan gives such a sound and replace it with a new one. It turns out that it’s quite simple. The cooler of the power supply unit of the computer does not hum, it means that the cooler remains on the video card, processor and case.

You have identified a buzzing fan cooler and decided to eliminate it, which means that such a worn out cooler is no longer a pity and you can try to revive it. Then carefully remove it from the radiator with a small cross-head screwdriver and put it in front of you on the table.

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Remove the cooler and try to clean it. The wire exit site, as a rule, is covered with adhesive tape. After removing this film, look, it is possible to disassemble the fan-cooler by its component parts. If this is possible, then we do it carefully. The cooler cap can be removed using a small flat screwdriver.

Changing the chip in the cell phone

Quite often after repairing the phone you can see in the check for repair wording of this type “made a replacement for the microcircuit of the phone.” As a rule, the price for such work goes out a lot. But at the same time the client does not usually know the process of this work on the chip soldering (chip), and even if he does, he does not understand everything to the end.

Let’s look at the BGA-type chips – this is the most common type, and the vast majority of mobile phone manufacturers use it. So, the memory chip itself in this chip is the most common reason that a mobile phone overtakes “sudden death”. Even there is such a term “Sudden death syndrome”. This is the main drawback of these chips.

A wide range of phone manufacturers uses these chips in their models (htc, samsung, huavei and others).
What sequence of works is used to diagnose such a malfunction and subsequent electronics repair. Let’s look in order:

First and foremost, the mobile phone card itself undergoes a close visual examination. It is checked whether there are cracks on the compound layer (polymer composition, which the manufacturer covers the chip). Is there rust on the elements and contacts, visual defects and visible board malfunctions.

Although it seems easy and fast, however in practice, it is quite a lengthy process, which is carried out necessarily by a qualified specialist with the necessary knowledge and experience, and if there is a special. equipment (for example, an engineering microscope).
After that the next stage of diagnostics is going on – the monitoring of the current consumption of the mobile phone’s circuit board is carried out.

If, after these diagnostic steps, the specialist decides that the cause of the failure of the phone is a memory chip, then it decides to replace it.
How is the chip replaced.
First of all, the chip compound is cleaned all around the perimeter. This is necessary in order that when the chip is subsequently dismantled, it is not accidental to damage the electrical connections of the circuit elements standing next to each other.

Next, the memory chip itself is removed, with the help of special equipment. Remains of the compound are cleaned, contacts are cleaned and soldered at the connection points of the microcircuit and the phone card.

Then the master prepares a new microcircuit for installing it on the board. Produces the necessary rations, and then mounts it directly to the board.
It’s no secret that for such operations, maximum care and accuracy of specialists is required, since the work requires jewelry accuracy.

How to make bootable USB flash drive

To reinstall Windows today often use not a CD / DVD drive, but a regular flash drive. It is more compact, provides faster installation and the possibility of reusable application. To date, there are practically no computers that do not support booting from a USB flash drive. Some devices (for example, netbooks) do not have a drive, so the transfer of information is possible only through USB-drives.

Please see the detailed instructions for installing Windows 7 on your own in a separate article.
Please note, by simply copying the windows files, you will not be able to get the desired result. So we’ll tell you how to make a bootable USB flash drive.

Preparing usb flash drive
If you want to download one of the latest versions of Windows (7, 8, 10), it is recommended to use a flash drive with a large amount of memory – at least 8 GB. In other cases, it is possible to use a USB drive having a capacity of 4 GB.

In order to be able to boot a computer or laptop from a portable device, in this case usb flash it is necessary to make it active, i.e. bootable.

Attention! All data from usb will be deleted.
You can do this using the Windows command line, it opens with the Win + R keys and the “cmd” characters or you can find the “Command line” item in the Start menu. You can also search for the English name “cmd”.

cmd command line search

To run the utility for working with hard disks and portable devices, enter the diskpart command on the command line. The utility will open in a separate window, usually it is located in the folder C: \ Windows \ system32 \ diskpart.exe

Next, to see the list of connected disk drives, enter the list disk command and get a list where you need to select your USB using the select disk 1 command and the Enter key (1 in this case, my disk number, you select your own).

choice of flash drives for windows download
Further, all the commands that we will enter will only affect the selected disk.

To clean data and partitions, type clean, press Enter;
To create a new partition, type create partition primary, press Enter;
To select this section, enter select partition 1, press Enter (all actions will be performed with this section);
In order to make the partition active, type active, then press Enter;
To format the flash drive in FAT-32 format, enter format fs = FAT32 Enter key and wait for the formatting to finish.
Then it remains to assign the letter (name) of the disk by typing the assign command, in the explorer your empty flash drive should appear;
Now enter the exit command from the exit utility.
Hooray. Your flash drive is now ready to install the image of the correct version of Windows.

Software needed to create a bootable USB flash drive
There are many ways to make a flash drive bootable, but we will focus on just a few.
There are four programs for Windows, which are reviewed below. It is important to note that these programs are free or shareware.

Creating a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 7, 8, 10 using WinSetupFromUSB
create a bootable USB flash drive with winsetupFromUsb
The program Winsetupfromusb has a huge functionality, so it is often used to write several OSes to portable media. Its main advantage – universality, but there is a drawback – the lack of a Russian-language version.

To create a bootable USB flash drive with windows 7 using the winsetupfromusb program, you must:

Download and install the program. (You can find it on our website version 1.7 or find it on the developer’s website http://www.winsetupfromusb.com/downloads/). The installation process is simple and does not take much time.
After you run the program, select the USB flash drive, then you need to perform the following actions: the Auto format it with FBinst tick is ticked, the system “NTFS” is marked and the “GO” button is pressed.

Then two windows will pop up, warning that the flash drive formatting starts. After the formatting is ticked near Windows 7, the next step is to press the button with three dots, which allows you to select the ISO image.
The program for a few minutes will make usb bootable windows 7. In the end you only need to confirm your actions. If this program for some reason you do not fit, you can try another option.

Types and sizes of hard drives, continuation

Memory expansion options
But even if the disk memory in the computer is not enough, it is possible to connect an additional external disk to it on the USB connector or you can replace your DVD-drive with an HDD-disk.

First, there is more space for storing a variety of valuable data. Secondly, it will be possible to save copies of important texts, photographs, e-mails, programs – in case of an accident or laptop theft on an external disk. And thirdly, it’s easy to put such a disk in your pocket and carry it to a friend – show new pictures, watch movies together, install new programs. Or take business needs to another company or even to another city, if you do not plan to take your laptop with you.

Modern external drives are inexpensive (and at first it was not cheap fun!), Compact and reliable. The old ones were bulky, 5 inches in size, often in a massive casing and with a separate power supply. Present – thin, decreased to 2 inches and even more, and all the energy they need directly from the computer, without connecting to an electrical outlet.

Electronics Repair

External hard drive
And volumes of disks, on the contrary, grow. Today, there is no problem to buy a terabyte external disk (1000 GB) to $ 60, and adding a couple more tens, you can take a two-terabyte. This will fit even a very solid collection of films in high definition.

The speed of an external disk depends heavily on the way it is connected to the computer. If it is connected to a standard USB 2.0 connector, the speed of its operation will be acceptable, but not too fast. If your laptop supports a newer standard USB 3.0 and the hard drive itself corresponds to this standard, then reading and writing data from this disk will be ten times faster: what was copied in an hour will now be copied in five to ten minutes. Not to mention the latest version of the USB 3.1 standard

The external disk is a fairly fragile thing, dropping it and pounding it with foreign objects is strictly not recommended. In this respect, some modern models are very good, with a shock-resistant case with a rubberized shell. But if you try, you can damage such a disk. So be careful.

Ремонт мобильных телефонов

Небольшой экскурс в историю мобильных телефонов. Они появились в нашей стране впервые примерно в девяностых годах прошлого века. На начальном этапе это была просто экзотика. Однако постепенно сотовая связь становилась все доступнее и набирала популярность среди людей. Цены на мобильные телефоны становились все ниже и это позволяло многим купить их. Интересно то, что первые сотовые аппараты выглядели эдакими «кирпичами» по сравнению с нынешними телефонами, и к тому же, отличались значительным весом. Некоторые телефоны могли достигать массы до 2-х кг. По набору своих функций телефоны разных фирм не особо отличались и примерно были похожими, отличаясь лишь по внешнему виду и дизайну.

Также владельцы мобильных телефонов того времени сталкивались с такими трудностями, как ремонт или диагностика. Поскольку в то время существовали проблемы с поставками запасных частей и не было специализированных мастерских и сервисных центров по ремонту мобильных телефонов. Поэтому часто отремонтировать свой аппарат было достаточно проблематично.

Постепенно, с течением времени все больше производителей освоили выпуск мобильных. Модельный ряд телефонов рос и расширялся. Появился большой выбор для покупателей среди различных моделей. Все это вызвало появление сервисных центров, которые занимались исключительно ремонтом мобильных.

Несмотря на то, что сотовые телефоны – это довольно надежные аппараты, они способны выходить из строя очень легко, если с ними небрежно обращаться и неправильно использовать. Даже самые надежные производители не способны устоять против глупостей или небрежности потребителей.

Самые распространенные причины, по которым ломаются мобильные телефоны это частые падения, попадание воды внутрь аппарата, неправильная эксплуатация телефона и т.д.

Если вам нужно произвести замену экрана или требуется ремонт мобильных в Могилеве вы можете обратиться в наш сервисный центр. Конечно, вы можете попытаться сделать ремонт самостоятельно, но в этом случае вы рискуете нанести непоправимый вред своему мобильному.

Как показывает практика, подавляющее большинство сотовых телефонов или смартфонов, которые владельцы пытались чинить самостоятельно, снова оказываются в ремонтной мастерской но с усугубленными проблемами, и в результате, ремонт таких аппаратов становится гораздо дороже. А некоторые из этих телефонов уже невозможно вернуть к жизни. Поэтому не стоит самостоятельно пытаться вылечить свой телефон, а лучше сразу доверить его профессионалам и отремонтировать мобильный с гарантией.

Types and sizes of hard drives

Today, new laptops are put on 250-500 gigabytes of discs, and on the most powerful models designed to be used as a full-fledged home or work computer, the disk can have a capacity of 750 GB or even 1 terabyte.

But buying a second-hand laptop, you can get a 100GB disk and even less. It all depends on the year of release. A hard drive from the laptop

Another promising version of hard drives for a laptop, it’s solid-state – SSD (solid state disk). The data here are recorded not on rotating discs covered with a layer of ferromagnetic material, but in flash memory chips. That is, formally this is no longer disks, but large, fast and expensive flash drives. But they are still called inertia by disks. We will do the same in our series of articles. After all, from the point of view of everyday use, the disk is there or not quite a disk – it does not matter much.

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But what matters is the volume and price. Solid state drives are on average more expensive than HDDs, and they contain less data. If you find yourself in a store (or on the Internet) an inexpensive laptop that has a staggering capacity drive – as much as 8 or 32 GB – then you are most likely dealing with SSDs. If the manufacturer had put a storage device of more or less decent size there, then from the low-cost category this device would immediately pass to the category of non-expensive ones.

However, production technologies are continuously developing, the capacity of SSD-drives is growing, and prices are declining. So it happens that you do not have time, you can be happy with a profitable purchase, how you immediately start tearing your hair on your head, that hurried, did not wait half a year and did not spare a thousand or two or three …

Information for consideration: one digital photo can be from half a megabyte to several megabytes (depending on the number of megapixels of your camera or smartphone), a music mp3 file with a medium-length composition and decent quality – 3-5 MB, a film from several hundreds of megabytes (mediocre quality) to one and a half gigabytes (DVD quality) and even over a dozen gigabytes (HD-video). One program can take from several hundred kilobytes (as a 7-ZIP archiver) to several hundred megabytes (as a package of Microsoft Office programs). This is so you can estimate and estimate the size of the disc you would like.


What parts does any laptop consist of?

There are other important components on the motherboard: graphics card – a device that processes the digital code and converts it into a video signal and transmits it to the screen; a sound card responsible for the reproduction and recording of sound; a network card for connection to computer networks; a network card for wireless communication of different standards, allowing laptops without additional wires to connect to other computers, wireless printers, mice and keyboards, as well as access the Internet.

For a laptop to be able to make sounds, it is usually supplied with a pair of small speakers built into the screen frame. It is clear that the speakers produce this sound, and for better playback you can connect headphones, external speakers, or connect it to the home music center. We can help you with repair or replacement fo any laptop’s parts. You only need type in google electronic repair places near me

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The cover has a built-in microphone for sending or recording sound, as well as for chatting with buddies via the Internet. And next there is also a camera, which will allow you to transfer the interlocutor not only sound, but also video, and at the same time take some pictures and shoot some video clips. Of course, most laptops (and even tablets, too) have weak cameras, the quality is so-so (therefore, we write “some”). But the smart phones have better cameras. Sometimes, and quite decent cameras come across.

Usually on the side, on the cover of the optical disc tray, is the button for opening it (as a rule, the drive supports CD, DVD and Blu-ray formats). True, the lightest and thin laptops do not concern this – they do not put optical disc drives on them. But on the market there are external drives that connect to one of the connectors, which on the laptops are ponatykany in large quantities – and behind, and on the sides, and sometimes in the front.

The connectors come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can attach various additional devices to the computer: an inkjet or laser printer (for printing text or photos), a smartphone or a digital camera (for transferring digital photos to a computer), a flash drive (for data transfer), external speakers or headphones, an external monitor or TV, a portable hard drive, a wireless modem and other useful devices.

Next, we will analyze each of the components of the laptop in more detail and start what the processor is.

The main types of laptop failure: continuation

7. Malfunction of the motherboard. Symptoms are as follows: unstable work of the laptop, expressed in frequent hangs, spontaneous reboots, falling off external ports, etc. The reason, most often, is banal: the laptop is flooded with liquid or broken off one of the external ports, trying to insert a connector into it. Learn more

This is the most expensive type of laptop repair (of course, based on a breakdown – the replacement of a capacitor is not an expensive repair). Almost all the components on the motherboard can be “removed” only with the help of a soldering station, and the board needs to be heated both from below and from above (otherwise the board will be deformed, the structure of the internal tracks will be broken, etc.), and when installing the chip it is important not to overheat. Attempts to repair the laptop motherboard itself are almost a guarantee of buying a new one.

8. Hard drive failure. This problem can also manifest itself in different forms. Including both the inability to boot the system, frequent hangs, low data read speed, audible crackles, etc. The cause may be shaking the laptop while the hard disk is working (for example, when the transport stops abruptly). Say, in our practice there was a laptop ASUS, the BIOS of which was so so original that it was not booted if there were logical malfunctions on the HDD.

Without HDD, the laptop started normally, but with the disk, when turned on – the black screen instead of the BIOS splash screen and everything. With this problem, you can manage by removing the HDD and reading the information on another computer. The difficulty of removing a hard disk depends on the design of a particular device – often for this you have to disassemble the entire laptop.
Also keep in mind that the case of an inexpensive laptop, the so-called “budget”, is usually more difficult to disassemble than the top model case.

9. Laptop overheating is the most common problem. Is manifested in a sharp decline in productivity. Occurs may be due to several reasons: contamination of the ventilation systems of the laptop; failure of RAM or internal memory of the processor itself; work laptop in a bag. For qualitative cleaning of radiators, again, it is necessary to disassemble the case of the laptop.

10. Faults or damage to external ports (most often USB). It is shown that the port does not work or it does not work correctly. As a rule, the reason for this is the malfunction of the south bridge – the chip, which synchronizes the frequency at which the peripheral devices operate, with the clock speed of the motherboard. Either this is the result of a careless attitude of the user, resulting in mechanical damage to the connector. Repair of ports refers to the repair of the motherboard of the laptop with all the ensuing complexities and risks.

11. Memory failure – overheating, oxidation of contact pads. This is a fairly rare malfunction, in which the laptop either constantly hangs and produces a so-called. “The blue screen of death,” or not at all. You can change RAM either yourself – expensive lap-tops are provided for this purpose – but you can also aggravate the problem if you did not correctly diagnose the malfunction. For example, you made a mistake with the “diagnosis”, installed a new memory, turned on the laptop and – smelled the smoke: something that did not have time to burn out last time.

12.Recovering the video card. With this problem in most cases, the laptop stops working at all. It happens in notebooks with discrete (built-in) video cards, on which the video memory chips are located one above the other and above the video processor. As a result of this construction, the chips are heated to such an extent that the solder melts and fills the legs of the video processor or the processor simply slips off the pads, which leads to an imminent closure. To fix the problem, you need to do the same thing as when replacing the processor. The only difference is that the processor does not need to buy.

13. Damage to the loop with which the LCD matrix is ​​connected. This malfunction is indicated in the blinking of the image when the angle of the screen is changed or when the bars appear on the display. The cause can be mashing the loop, its closure on the body or bad contact.

The main types of laptop failure

1. Keyboard failure – do not work or keys fall out. As a rule, these are the consequences of impacts and bays with various fluids. You can buy and replace the keyboard yourself, but you should be careful with trains and connectors.

2. The battery is not charged. The laptop continues to run on battery power, but it does not charge. Or it does not turn on at all. The most common cause is the power surges in the network (the power adapter is faulty, the battery itself is faulty, the internal power connector is broken, problems with the motherboard). Do not try to repair yourself! Most often, the repair consists in replacing the multicontroller (a hefty chip) and trying to repair the battery by yourself will only increase the total cost of the repair.

3. Battery failure. It appears in the reduction of battery life (in some cases, reaches 5-15 minutes) when the battery is fully charged.

4. Fault in CD and DVD drives. It is shown that the drive can not read some or all of the disks. The reason may be the use of poor-quality discs, dustiness and, as a consequence, overheating of the laser head. In order to remove the drive, most often, you have to disassemble the laptop body completely. Basically, the repair of the drive is reduced to replacing the laser read-write head. You need to remove it, determine the type-brand-model, order (you’re not a repair company to have the spare part in stock), and put it in its place. In general, it is easier to buy a new one, or, again, to give the unit to the service.

5. Malfunction of the backlight inverter or the backlight lamp itself. It appears as a dim screen – the image is almost invisible. Occurs as a result of frequent use of the laptop with increased brightness of the display. Is amenable to self-repair – you only need to find, order or buy – if you find where – the inverter or lamp and remove the display frame. The frame should be removed very carefully, you will break it – it will be very difficult to buy a new one.

6.Mechanical damage to LCD matrix. Occurs as a result of careless operation of the laptop – as a rule, the top cover does not withstand the loads and bends, breaking the matrix. It should be noted that, like repairing the motherboard, repairing the matrix is ​​quite expensive. This is mainly due to the high cost of components. As a rule, repair of a laptop with such a defect is reduced to replacing the matrix. However, ordering a matrix, if you do not order accessories on a permanent basis, can become quite a troublesome business. If the matrix on the hands, the main thing is not to break the case of the laptop when disassembling and not to spoil the connectors of the loops.

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To be continiued

What you need to know about video cards?

A video card is usually an additional fee that plugs into the slot of your PC’s motherboard, what is the motherboard you can read here. The cheapest graphical solutions, which require only 2D or work under Windows, are often integrated into the motherboard’s chipset. Modern video cards boast an impressive list of features and specifications, which are increasing year by year.

Marking of Nvidia
The company Nvidia decided in the new year to change the marking of video cards. First of all, the marking of video cards of the ninth series will be changed – the new video cards will be designated as G1xx. The G1xx series will be assigned to budget and mid-range video cards and mid-range cards.

The Nvidia G130 will replace the 9600 GSO and 8800 GS video cards that have already been discontinued, and the Nvidia G100 and G120 will be released in exchange for the currently produced 9400 GT and 9500 GT, respectively. In addition, Nvidia plans to release this year new video cards of the upper price category, which will be labeled as GTX2xx.

The truncated variants based on the NVIDIA-LE or HT graphics chip; such systems have a reduced clock speed of the video processor. Reducing the TS (Turbo Cache) from NVIDIA means an even slower solution that uses the computer’s RAM.

What does the letter G mean in the name of NVIDIA graphics cards
The letter G in the name of video cards NVIDIA means that the card belongs to the lowest price segment, GT – to the middle, GTX – to the higher.

ATI marking
In the designation of the video card model, attention should be paid to the letter abbreviations at the end: the truncated versions based on the ATI graphics chip are denoted by the letters CE or XL; such systems have a reduced clock speed of the video processor. Reducing the HM (Hyper Memory) from ATI means an even slower solution that uses the computer’s RAM.

How to fix laptop‘s video card.

MSI video card marking
Microstar graphics cards are labeled as NX8800GTX-72D768E-HD-OC.
The first two characters of NX or RX indicate the developer of the graphics processor (NVIDIA or ATI). Next comes information about the model GPU – 8800GTX or 2900XT. After the dash – a description of video inputs / outputs, memory size, cooling system and external bus. M – HDMI interface, T – TV-out, V – video input (VIVO), D – one DVI output, 2D – two DVI outputs, numbers – video memory, E – PCI Express interface (if no letters, the board has an AGP interface ), H – radiator type passive cooling system, Z – passive radiator cooling system with heat pipes, HD – HDCP support. OC symbols at the end mean that the board has higher frequencies compared to the recommended processor of the processor.

ASUS video card marking
ASUS graphics cards are marked with the type EAH2900XT / HTVDI / 512M. The first character indicates the type of interface: E – PCI Express, with AGP the letter is missing. Next is the type of graphical interface, for example, H2900XT or 8600GT. The first “/” is followed by the video I / O information: T – analogue TV output, D – DVI output without HDCP 1.1, V – analog video input, H – analog HDTV-out, R – 3D glasses, I – HDMI , P – DVI-output with support for HDCP 1.1. After the second “/” the information about the video memory is indicated (512M – 512MB)

Gigabyte video card marking
Gigabyte graphics cards have the marking type GV-NX88X768H-RH. The first letters GV indicate the manufacturer (Gigabyte). The next letter indicates the developer of the GPU: N – NVIDIA, R – ATI. The letter X indicates that the board has a PCI Express interface. The next few characters contain information about the name of the graphic processor of the video card.

For example, 88X means that the board is based on the GeForce 8800 GTX, 85T – GeForce 8500GT, 155 – Radeon X1550, 29T – Radeon HD 2900XT. After the name of the GPU, information about the use of TurboCache and HyperMemory-TC or HM technologies can follow. The next two or three digits – information about the amount of video memory (in our case 768). Next comes information about video inputs and video outputs: D – DVI-out, V – video input and TV-out (VIVO), H – HDCP support.

Leadtek video card marking
Leadtek boards are marked with WinFast PX8800 GTX TDH. WinFast means belonging to the Leadtek product line. PX – PCI Express interface, A – AGP interface. Sometimes before the symbols PX you can find the word Duo, meaning the presence of two graphics processors on one board. Next comes the name of the GPU: 8800 GTX – GeForce 8800 GTX. Next comes information about the inputs / outputs. Symbol T – TV-out, D – DVI-out, H – HDTV support.

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