9 Steps To Make Your Old Personal Computer Work As New (part 1)

Maintenance is the last thing on your mind when you buy a new computer, for a good reason: your new computer should be able to handle everything that you throw at it!

Unfortunately, it is this mentality that leads to a general situation with PC users: slow and can not be used by a computer, well before the computer expiration date.

Many people think that this is just normal, and that the normal life cycle for the computer is under 2 years. This is not the case! We want to help people get more life out of their computers, so we developed this list of steps that anyone can follow to bring their computer back to peak performance. Follow these tips in the order and your computer will work like new! We hope that you will find these steps valuable!

Here is a list of steps to create your old PC to run like new; read below for more details on how to perform each of them.

Nine-Step ReviverSoft Plan

Secure PC
Remove unnecessary applications
Stopping the program does not start at boot time
Start Windows Update
Updating the drivers of your computer
Running Disk Cleanup
Removing the Browser Add-ons
Run the Windows registry scan,
Defragment your hard drive
Below is each step in order of execution, with detailed information on how to perform each of them no matter what version of Windows you have.

Step 1: Protect your computer

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Before you get started, trying to fix all the problems on your computer and run the necessary maintenance, first make sure that there are no security problems on your computer, such as viruses or malware. Some malware and viruses can cause serious performance problems. You will not be able to remove them using the typical methods of uninstalling the software, so it’s always better to use a reliable and authoritative security application.

ReviverSoft recommends two applications; one carries costs, and the other is free.

Norton Internet Security has a decade-long reputation for bloating your computer’s belly and making it slow and difficult to use, but over the past few years it was actually the exact opposite of this. Norton now uses few resources and provides the level of security that has made this the choice of editors among the security software reviewers.

Our free recommendation is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Malwarebytes has long been a favorite security application for technical personnel (we even heard stories where technical support from people from other security recommend Mawarebytes to their customers). The application is known for its ability to detect almost all malware.

Download and run one or both of these applications, and then run a scan system for each one to make sure that your computer has not been compromised.

Step 2: Remove unnecessary applications

Over time, when you use a computer for various purposes. You can use it to develop something, play games and music, chat with friends, burn CDs, record music or any number of other things. You need an application for each of these purposes. Quite often, you can install something and use it only once, or you can use it for a short period of time, and then stop using it. Each application installed on your computer takes up space, can run in the background while you use your computer, and many even make your computer start slower. That’s why we recommend that you uninstall any application you do not use.

Windows makes it very easy to uninstall the application. We have a great article on how to remove the software from your computer.

It always feels great to throw things that you do not need, and the same is to remove applications that you no longer use. Be ruthless! You can always go back and download the application later, and if it’s a long time between uses for a particular application, then most likely the update is needed before you can use it again anyway and the update can only take as long as Download All this. Read more in the next post.

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