How to make bootable USB flash drive

To reinstall Windows today often use not a CD / DVD drive, but a regular flash drive. It is more compact, provides faster installation and the possibility of reusable application. To date, there are practically no computers that do not support booting from a USB flash drive. Some devices (for example, netbooks) do not have a drive, so the transfer of information is possible only through USB-drives.

Please see the detailed instructions for installing Windows 7 on your own in a separate article.
Please note, by simply copying the windows files, you will not be able to get the desired result. So we’ll tell you how to make a bootable USB flash drive.

Preparing usb flash drive
If you want to download one of the latest versions of Windows (7, 8, 10), it is recommended to use a flash drive with a large amount of memory – at least 8 GB. In other cases, it is possible to use a USB drive having a capacity of 4 GB.

In order to be able to boot a computer or laptop from a portable device, in this case usb flash it is necessary to make it active, i.e. bootable.

Attention! All data from usb will be deleted.
You can do this using the Windows command line, it opens with the Win + R keys and the “cmd” characters or you can find the “Command line” item in the Start menu. You can also search for the English name “cmd”.

cmd command line search

To run the utility for working with hard disks and portable devices, enter the diskpart command on the command line. The utility will open in a separate window, usually it is located in the folder C: \ Windows \ system32 \ diskpart.exe

Next, to see the list of connected disk drives, enter the list disk command and get a list where you need to select your USB using the select disk 1 command and the Enter key (1 in this case, my disk number, you select your own).

choice of flash drives for windows download
Further, all the commands that we will enter will only affect the selected disk.

To clean data and partitions, type clean, press Enter;
To create a new partition, type create partition primary, press Enter;
To select this section, enter select partition 1, press Enter (all actions will be performed with this section);
In order to make the partition active, type active, then press Enter;
To format the flash drive in FAT-32 format, enter format fs = FAT32 Enter key and wait for the formatting to finish.
Then it remains to assign the letter (name) of the disk by typing the assign command, in the explorer your empty flash drive should appear;
Now enter the exit command from the exit utility.
Hooray. Your flash drive is now ready to install the image of the correct version of Windows.

Software needed to create a bootable USB flash drive
There are many ways to make a flash drive bootable, but we will focus on just a few.
There are four programs for Windows, which are reviewed below. It is important to note that these programs are free or shareware.

Creating a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 7, 8, 10 using WinSetupFromUSB
create a bootable USB flash drive with winsetupFromUsb
The program Winsetupfromusb has a huge functionality, so it is often used to write several OSes to portable media. Its main advantage – universality, but there is a drawback – the lack of a Russian-language version.

To create a bootable USB flash drive with windows 7 using the winsetupfromusb program, you must:

Download and install the program. (You can find it on our website version 1.7 or find it on the developer’s website The installation process is simple and does not take much time.
After you run the program, select the USB flash drive, then you need to perform the following actions: the Auto format it with FBinst tick is ticked, the system “NTFS” is marked and the “GO” button is pressed.

Then two windows will pop up, warning that the flash drive formatting starts. After the formatting is ticked near Windows 7, the next step is to press the button with three dots, which allows you to select the ISO image.
The program for a few minutes will make usb bootable windows 7. In the end you only need to confirm your actions. If this program for some reason you do not fit, you can try another option.

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