Overheating computer components

One of the most common reasons why a computer constantly reboots is overheating of the processor or video card of the computer. Always keep an eye on the working status of the fan-cooler located on the PC video adapter. View the values ​​of temperature sensors, you can use the program that I told in the article – what temperature should be at your computer.

 During the summer heat it is better to refrain from energy-intensive games on your computer. Initially, the appearance of a blue screen of death or artifacts on the screen is due to the inability to eliminate the error in the core of the operating system. If any executable program or computer driver wants to execute an impossible command. Try to eliminate the blue screen by simply rebooting the computer. But if you do nothing, the error will come back again. The sound of the computer on when one of the cooling coolers is buzzing is like a working tractor.

The cooling system of the computer with fan-coolers wears out, the gasket in the bearing is thinned, dust and dirt enter there, which leads to inevitable vibration and buzz. In this case, find out which fan gives such a sound and replace it with a new one. It turns out that it’s quite simple. The cooler of the power supply unit of the computer does not hum, it means that the cooler remains on the video card, processor and case.

You have identified a buzzing fan cooler and decided to eliminate it, which means that such a worn out cooler is no longer a pity and you can try to revive it. Then carefully remove it from the radiator with a small cross-head screwdriver and put it in front of you on the table.

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Remove the cooler and try to clean it. The wire exit site, as a rule, is covered with adhesive tape. After removing this film, look, it is possible to disassemble the fan-cooler by its component parts. If this is possible, then we do it carefully. The cooler cap can be removed using a small flat screwdriver.

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