The main types of laptop failure

1. Keyboard failure – do not work or keys fall out. As a rule, these are the consequences of impacts and bays with various fluids. You can buy and replace the keyboard yourself, but you should be careful with trains and connectors.

2. The battery is not charged. The laptop continues to run on battery power, but it does not charge. Or it does not turn on at all. The most common cause is the power surges in the network (the power adapter is faulty, the battery itself is faulty, the internal power connector is broken, problems with the motherboard). Do not try to repair yourself! Most often, the repair consists in replacing the multicontroller (a hefty chip) and trying to repair the battery by yourself will only increase the total cost of the repair.

3. Battery failure. It appears in the reduction of battery life (in some cases, reaches 5-15 minutes) when the battery is fully charged.

4. Fault in CD and DVD drives. It is shown that the drive can not read some or all of the disks. The reason may be the use of poor-quality discs, dustiness and, as a consequence, overheating of the laser head. In order to remove the drive, most often, you have to disassemble the laptop body completely. Basically, the repair of the drive is reduced to replacing the laser read-write head. You need to remove it, determine the type-brand-model, order (you’re not a repair company to have the spare part in stock), and put it in its place. In general, it is easier to buy a new one, or, again, to give the unit to the service.

5. Malfunction of the backlight inverter or the backlight lamp itself. It appears as a dim screen – the image is almost invisible. Occurs as a result of frequent use of the laptop with increased brightness of the display. Is amenable to self-repair – you only need to find, order or buy – if you find where – the inverter or lamp and remove the display frame. The frame should be removed very carefully, you will break it – it will be very difficult to buy a new one.

6.Mechanical damage to LCD matrix. Occurs as a result of careless operation of the laptop – as a rule, the top cover does not withstand the loads and bends, breaking the matrix. It should be noted that, like repairing the motherboard, repairing the matrix is ​​quite expensive. This is mainly due to the high cost of components. As a rule, repair of a laptop with such a defect is reduced to replacing the matrix. However, ordering a matrix, if you do not order accessories on a permanent basis, can become quite a troublesome business. If the matrix on the hands, the main thing is not to break the case of the laptop when disassembling and not to spoil the connectors of the loops.

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