Types and sizes of hard drives, continuation

Memory expansion options
But even if the disk memory in the computer is not enough, it is possible to connect an additional external disk to it on the USB connector or you can replace your DVD-drive with an HDD-disk.

First, there is more space for storing a variety of valuable data. Secondly, it will be possible to save copies of important texts, photographs, e-mails, programs – in case of an accident or laptop theft on an external disk. And thirdly, it’s easy to put such a disk in your pocket and carry it to a friend – show new pictures, watch movies together, install new programs. Or take business needs to another company or even to another city, if you do not plan to take your laptop with you.

Modern external drives are inexpensive (and at first it was not cheap fun!), Compact and reliable. The old ones were bulky, 5 inches in size, often in a massive casing and with a separate power supply. Present – thin, decreased to 2 inches and even more, and all the energy they need directly from the computer, without connecting to an electrical outlet.

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External hard drive
And volumes of disks, on the contrary, grow. Today, there is no problem to buy a terabyte external disk (1000 GB) to $ 60, and adding a couple more tens, you can take a two-terabyte. This will fit even a very solid collection of films in high definition.

The speed of an external disk depends heavily on the way it is connected to the computer. If it is connected to a standard USB 2.0 connector, the speed of its operation will be acceptable, but not too fast. If your laptop supports a newer standard USB 3.0 and the hard drive itself corresponds to this standard, then reading and writing data from this disk will be ten times faster: what was copied in an hour will now be copied in five to ten minutes. Not to mention the latest version of the USB 3.1 standard

The external disk is a fairly fragile thing, dropping it and pounding it with foreign objects is strictly not recommended. In this respect, some modern models are very good, with a shock-resistant case with a rubberized shell. But if you try, you can damage such a disk. So be careful.

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