What parts does any laptop consist of?

There are other important components on the motherboard: graphics card – a device that processes the digital code and converts it into a video signal and transmits it to the screen; a sound card responsible for the reproduction and recording of sound; a network card for connection to computer networks; a network card for wireless communication of different standards, allowing laptops without additional wires to connect to other computers, wireless printers, mice and keyboards, as well as access the Internet.

For a laptop to be able to make sounds, it is usually supplied with a pair of small speakers built into the screen frame. It is clear that the speakers produce this sound, and for better playback you can connect headphones, external speakers, or connect it to the home music center. We can help you with repair or replacement fo any laptop’s parts. You only need type in google¬†electronic repair places near me

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The cover has a built-in microphone for sending or recording sound, as well as for chatting with buddies via the Internet. And next there is also a camera, which will allow you to transfer the interlocutor not only sound, but also video, and at the same time take some pictures and shoot some video clips. Of course, most laptops (and even tablets, too) have weak cameras, the quality is so-so (therefore, we write “some”). But the smart phones have better cameras. Sometimes, and quite decent cameras come across.

Usually on the side, on the cover of the optical disc tray, is the button for opening it (as a rule, the drive supports CD, DVD and Blu-ray formats). True, the lightest and thin laptops do not concern this – they do not put optical disc drives on them. But on the market there are external drives that connect to one of the connectors, which on the laptops are ponatykany in large quantities – and behind, and on the sides, and sometimes in the front.

The connectors come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can attach various additional devices to the computer: an inkjet or laser printer (for printing text or photos), a smartphone or a digital camera (for transferring digital photos to a computer), a flash drive (for data transfer), external speakers or headphones, an external monitor or TV, a portable hard drive, a wireless modem and other useful devices.

Next, we will analyze each of the components of the laptop in more detail and start what the processor is.

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