What you need to know about video cards?

A video card is usually an additional fee that plugs into the slot of your PC’s motherboard, what is the motherboard you can read here. The cheapest graphical solutions, which require only 2D or work under Windows, are often integrated into the motherboard’s chipset. Modern video cards boast an impressive list of features and specifications, which are increasing year by year.

Marking of Nvidia
The company Nvidia decided in the new year to change the marking of video cards. First of all, the marking of video cards of the ninth series will be changed – the new video cards will be designated as G1xx. The G1xx series will be assigned to budget and mid-range video cards and mid-range cards.

The Nvidia G130 will replace the 9600 GSO and 8800 GS video cards that have already been discontinued, and the Nvidia G100 and G120 will be released in exchange for the currently produced 9400 GT and 9500 GT, respectively. In addition, Nvidia plans to release this year new video cards of the upper price category, which will be labeled as GTX2xx.

The truncated variants based on the NVIDIA-LE or HT graphics chip; such systems have a reduced clock speed of the video processor. Reducing the TS (Turbo Cache) from NVIDIA means an even slower solution that uses the computer’s RAM.

What does the letter G mean in the name of NVIDIA graphics cards
The letter G in the name of video cards NVIDIA means that the card belongs to the lowest price segment, GT – to the middle, GTX – to the higher.

ATI marking
In the designation of the video card model, attention should be paid to the letter abbreviations at the end: the truncated versions based on the ATI graphics chip are denoted by the letters CE or XL; such systems have a reduced clock speed of the video processor. Reducing the HM (Hyper Memory) from ATI means an even slower solution that uses the computer’s RAM.

How to fix laptop‘s video card.

MSI video card marking
Microstar graphics cards are labeled as NX8800GTX-72D768E-HD-OC.
The first two characters of NX or RX indicate the developer of the graphics processor (NVIDIA or ATI). Next comes information about the model GPU – 8800GTX or 2900XT. After the dash – a description of video inputs / outputs, memory size, cooling system and external bus. M – HDMI interface, T – TV-out, V – video input (VIVO), D – one DVI output, 2D – two DVI outputs, numbers – video memory, E – PCI Express interface (if no letters, the board has an AGP interface ), H – radiator type passive cooling system, Z – passive radiator cooling system with heat pipes, HD – HDCP support. OC symbols at the end mean that the board has higher frequencies compared to the recommended processor of the processor.

ASUS video card marking
ASUS graphics cards are marked with the type EAH2900XT / HTVDI / 512M. The first character indicates the type of interface: E – PCI Express, with AGP the letter is missing. Next is the type of graphical interface, for example, H2900XT or 8600GT. The first “/” is followed by the video I / O information: T – analogue TV output, D – DVI output without HDCP 1.1, V – analog video input, H – analog HDTV-out, R – 3D glasses, I – HDMI , P – DVI-output with support for HDCP 1.1. After the second “/” the information about the video memory is indicated (512M – 512MB)

Gigabyte video card marking
Gigabyte graphics cards have the marking type GV-NX88X768H-RH. The first letters GV indicate the manufacturer (Gigabyte). The next letter indicates the developer of the GPU: N – NVIDIA, R – ATI. The letter X indicates that the board has a PCI Express interface. The next few characters contain information about the name of the graphic processor of the video card.

For example, 88X means that the board is based on the GeForce 8800 GTX, 85T – GeForce 8500GT, 155 – Radeon X1550, 29T – Radeon HD 2900XT. After the name of the GPU, information about the use of TurboCache and HyperMemory-TC or HM technologies can follow. The next two or three digits – information about the amount of video memory (in our case 768). Next comes information about video inputs and video outputs: D – DVI-out, V – video input and TV-out (VIVO), H – HDCP support.

Leadtek video card marking
Leadtek boards are marked with WinFast PX8800 GTX TDH. WinFast means belonging to the Leadtek product line. PX – PCI Express interface, A – AGP interface. Sometimes before the symbols PX you can find the word Duo, meaning the presence of two graphics processors on one board. Next comes the name of the GPU: 8800 GTX – GeForce 8800 GTX. Next comes information about the inputs / outputs. Symbol T – TV-out, D – DVI-out, H – HDTV support.

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